Chalet Nimrod Castle

Alpine Experience in the Middle East

When you step into Guy and Lilachsí cabins, you can smell the natural wood, the fireplace and most of all you feel the peace and quiet. A quiet that comes out from our simple, classic design, a technology free design, with a gentle touch of Alpine Mountain Cabin.

Our cabins are an Island of peace, completely isolated from civilization, though we offer you lots of services right to your cabin door: From home cooked meals to after-ski treatments.

Our wooden cabins, were built by the owner, are pretensions and technology free.
It offers you right the opposite- wooden cabins that inspired by the ecological thinking and way of living with simple but cozy design from all natural materials.
Our cabins merge in its natural surroundings. We aspire to give you a peaceful and relax experience of nature and travel and the perfect connection between nature and man, man to man and man to himself.
When the cherries ripen, our guests are more than welcome to join the fruit-picking in our family organic cherry orchards, which are located at the foothills of our village.

In the entrance to the family house, in the Heart of the cabin site, you'll find the Travelers Lounge. Here you will find maps and travel guides of the area and of many other areas in Israel. Chalet Nimrod Castle is the place for travelers and our skilled staff is always more than happy to assist you in any way they can; from planning your trip; dropping you in various points; preparing early breakfast and takeaway meals.

Our place is perfect for families and small homogeneous groups, who are seeking the ideal combination between the privacy of the cabin and the togetherness- In winter in the lounge around the fireplace and the center table; or in the summer around the campfire.
Our place is also for those who just want to rest in the beautiful scenery, learn the construction of ecological soil, hear historic stories and most of all experience every season and its unique character- the beautiful colors of the foliage, the snow in the winter, the spring blossoming and the summer's cool and fresh mountain breeze.

The Best Food and Wine Club

Our dining house, was created first and for most for our guests. For those amongst you that like to stay close to the fireplace or cuddle under the blankets.
Our home cooking is based on local products, but inspired by different mountain dishes; especially from the Alpines.
We created our menu based on the different seasons, so we can use the local fruits and vegetables markets in the best way we can. That way we are able to create for you a diverse menu that explore the very best our country has to offer.
All the dishes are made in our own kitchen, while keeping Kashruth laws. (We donít have a Kashruth certificate)

In a brief about Chalet Nimrod Castle

Dining room

Home-made soups and breads, mountains stews cooked on campfire in large iron and clay pots, special breakfasts and stylish West European mountains meals - for families and groups.
The First Cabin
Double / family cabin
The Isolated Cabins
Double / family cabin

Camping Site

Fresh mountain air…
Peace and quiet at the end of the world…
Poyke (cast iron cooking pot) in the campfire…

Located on the Golan Trail

The Twin Cabins
Family cabins
The French Cabin
Double cabin
The Upper Cabins
Double / family cabin
The Spa Cabin
Double / family cabin